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Melissa Sparks
Dakota Aeling
Elementary Teacher
ext. 8107
Pamela Amundson
Elementary Teacher
ext. 8100
Melissa Babolian
Visual Arts Teacher
ext. 8138
Mary Borchardt
ext. 8171
Robert Brostrom
Building and Grounds
ext. 8102
Jennifer Brunsberg
World Languages Teacher
ext. 8112
Tammy Cichy
Principal's Secretary/Health Aide
ext. 8117
Dana Damm
Science Teacher
ext. 8111
Jenna Damm
School Counselor
ext. 8110
Tether Eckhoff
Special Education Teacher
ext. 8130
Grace Ellefson
GCT Coordinator
ext 8136
Abby Emter
Elementary Teacher
ext. 8169
Ryan Emter
Elementary Teacher
ext 8115
Toni Erlandson
Math/Special Education/REACH Teacher
ext. 8116
Kristy Finck
Elementary Teacher
ext. 8119
Julie Frost
Presschool Teacher
ECFE/Title 1
Ariel Greenwood
Food Service Director
Food Service
ext. 8159
Rachel Greenwaldt
Elementary Teacher
Ashley Gruber