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Mark Oscarson
Physical Education/Health/Drivers Ed. Teacher
ext. 8125
Joye Peterson
Elementary Teacher
Title 1/ELL
ext. 8106
Brenda Reese
District Business Manager
ext. 8142
Leah Roberts-Veazie
English/Language Arts Teacher
ext. 8132
Ida Rogers-Ferguson
Social Studies Teacher
ext 8127
Jason Speer
Physical Education Teacher
ext. 8173
Laura Smith
Early Childhood/Title I Coordinator
ext. 8148
Debbie Starry
Reading Intervention
Amanda Starzl
Sign Language Interpreter
Deaf and Hard of Hearing
ext. 8124
Courtney Torgerson
Sara Truax
Speech-Language Pathologist
Speech-Language Pathology
ext. 8137
Debbie Vorderbruggen
District Office Secretary
District Office
ext. 8000
Andria Weller
Preschool Teacher
ext. 8133
Lu Ann Weniger
Pamela Wiese
Library Paraprofessional/Truancy Clerk
Library/Media Center Truancy Clerk
ext 8143 or ext 8163
Thomas Williams
ext. 8157
Christina Wohlwend
Elementary Teacher
ext 8121