Thomas Williams

Thomas Williams , 1 day ago

Mrs. Damm's (School Counselor) Summer Hours

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Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe , 4 days ago

A huge shout out to our Food Service staff and Paraprofessionals providing meals during distance learning. Henning Public School delivered over 21,000 meals to families. #HenningStrong #HornetPride

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Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe , 7 days ago

Henning ISD #545 Years of Service Recognition

Heidi Reinbold- 5 years
Ariel Greenwood- 5 years
Dawn Lueders- 5 years
Jessica Iliff- 5 years
Sara Blaeser- 5 years
Deb Hart- 10 years
John Lueders- 10 years
Abby Emter- 10 years
Robert Brostrom- 10 years
Kristy Finck- 10 years
Lori Klever- 20 years
Debbie Vorderbruggen- 25 years

#HornetPride #HenningStrong

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Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe , 9 days ago

At 9:30 pm tonight, we honor the Class of 2020 at the Henning Fairgrounds. Because of CDC and MDH guidelines, attendance to this event is limited. Please celebrate the Class of 2020 by viewing the full graduation video by clicking the link below.
#HornetPride #HenningStrong

Thomas Williams

Thomas Williams , 10 days ago

Details regarding the graduation program on Sunday, May 24 @ 9:15 pm at the HENNING fairgrounds: 1. The police department and fire department will begin directing parking at 9:00 pm (car size will be used to determine parking placement to attempt to reduce obstructed views). Vehicles will enter the fairgrounds from Jensen Street and will need to have their car ticket for entrance. 2. The graduation program will begin at approximately 9:15 pm and will be broadcasted on the radio channel 89.5 fm. 3. Make sure to use the bathroom prior to attending graduation. There will be no public bathrooms available due to Covid restrictions. 4. The program is approximately one hour and 15 minutes long - bring snacks 🥨 5. All guests and students (except for the three student speakers) will be required to remain in their vehicles. 6. If weather does not cooperate, the graduation ceremony will be postponed until Monday, May 25 @ 9:15 pm with the same guidelines.

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