speech and knowledge bowl

Our Knowledge Bowl and Speech Teams are off to a GREAT start!!!

The Knowledge Bowl Team competed last Thursday at Central Lakes College in Staples. This was their first meet of the season. Their highest scoring team was HEN 1 ranking 9th out of 32 teams. Members of HEN 1 are: Madison Jensen, Vincent Graham, Norah Froslee, Joseph Froslee, and Kaislyn Bunkowski.

Saturday, January 28, the Henning Speech Team competed at their first meet of the season in Fergus Falls! For many members of the team, it was their first EVER speech meet! 🐝Special congratulations to:

- Isabelle Godding for breaking FINALS in Ex. Reading (placing 5️⃣th)

- Breanna Bunkowski for breaking Next-In Prose (placing 1️⃣st)

- Monica Hansen for breaking Next-In Prose (placing 2️⃣nd)

Congratulations to all and good luck the rest of your season!