Bus Evacuation Drill

Our students, staff, and bus drivers practiced a bus evacuation on Tuesday, September 20 🚍Students and staff were placed in our different buses and our amazing group of bus drivers went over how to properly enter and exit the bus. They also went over some important rules and reminded students how to safely ride the bus. To end their time together, bus drivers showed the students where and how to use the exit windows, along with how to exit the back of the bus.

Now that our students and staff feel safe and prepared for an emergency ➡️ we also want to remind drivers to please be careful and watch for school buses and students on the roads.

🛑 We also want to remind drivers that when a bus is STOPPED, has its flashers and stop arm out that means STOP!! This is not a warning to drive slowly around the bus. IT MEANS STOP!!! 🛑

We strive to keep our students and staff as safe as possible and we hope and need you to do the same! Please keep a lookout for students and buses, especially during your travel time during the early mornings and later afternoon hours.