Bus Drivers

National School Bus Driver Appreciation Day was on Wednesday, February 22, 2023.

We are so grateful for all our bus and van drivers in our district! We appreciate everything they do to keep our student and staff safe from getting them to and from school, to all the different field trips, activities, and sporting events.

Check out what our community members have to say about our drivers:

 “Bus drivers have such an important job of getting our kiddos safely to and from school. I’m greeted every morning with a warm smile! Thanks for all you do Dave Stueve! We love you and appreciate you!”

“We have wonderful, dedicated, caring bus drivers. Thank you for everything you do.”

“Wayne has been the best bus driver for the last 6 years!!! He’s like family! He waves to my daughter and I every single morning and always has a smile on his face. He’s the most thoughtful guy out there!”

“Henning has some of the best bus drivers! We are so lucky!”

“Dawn & Dave are the best! They have made my preschooler’s first year riding the bus such an easy transition. She adores them & they take such good care of her! We are thankful for their care and dedication to get kids from A to B safely. They truly care about each kid and make an effort to be more than just the bus driver! Also they are SO good at communicating with me. They are AMAZING! 💕

“Thank you bus drivers. Thanks to Dawn who is always willing to make an extra stop at our house when needed.”

“Dawn is #1! So thankful for her .. she has made the girls' 1st year of riding the bus a breeze! YOU'RE THE BEST DAWN”

"Our kids have been blessed with some awesome bus drivers! Orly and now Alison. The boys have always loved chatting their ear off I am sure! 🥰 Alison goes above and beyond every day! We are so thankful for her dedication to getting our kiddos to their destination safely while also making them feel cared for!! Cooper LOVED being the “elf on the bus.”

Simply put, we are blessed with the best!  Thank you to all our bus and van drivers!