Hello and welcome to Mrs. Amundson's Fantastic First Grade.  I am excited to begin a new school year at Henning Public School.  I am proud to say I will be looping into First Grade with my Kindergarten students.  It will be a fun filled year with new adventures and exciting learning activities.  

I will send home a weekly newsletter every Friday called the Peek of the Week.  It will detail our activities/topics for the week including Spelling words.  Throughout the year, students will take turns being our V.I.P  I have tried my best to match each student up with their birthday week.  Students with summer birthdays will also be able to celebrate their half birthday at school during their V.I.P. week.

Please keep me up to date on any changes in your child's normal after school routine.  Without a note or call, your child will be expected to follow their normal routine.

In addition to our four report cards and two conferences, I am always available to meet or speak with you.  If it is not urgent, please jot a note and I will respond as soon as possible.  You may call the school or e-mail me as well.  In return, I will contact you by note or telephone if there is something that needs to be discussed.

We will have a fun-filled first grade year!!