Welcome to Mr. Hart's School Web Page 

This is my 29th year at the Henning Public School. I have taught a variety of classes for grades 1-9. This year, I will be teaching 6th grade Math, 6th grade Science, 6th grade MN. History, 9th Physical Science, and 7/8 Enrichment. Past classes that I have taught have been: 7/8 Keyboarding, 7/8 Math, 7th Life Science, 8th Earth Science, and K-6 Science. 

Under the menu, you will find information for my room. The schedule has the period and time I teach each class, Lesson Plans has the information what is being taught in each class, 6th Math Syllabus has information about the units about Math, 6th Science Syllabus has information about the units about Science, 6th Social Syllabus has information about MN History, and Enrichment Syllabus has information about Math skills to be reinforced. The 6th Math, 6th Science, 6th Social, 9th Physical Science, and Enrichment BQD links will give you access to daily standards based questions for each class. 

My Extra Curricular duty is Wrestling. I have coached it for 29 years and this my 12th year as the head coach. Other sports which I have coached: football, JO volleyball, golf, track, and baseball.