This is my eleventh year teaching and third year teaching in Henning. I got married in June 2018, so if you hear someone say "Headington," that is me as well. I grew up in Mankato, MN and went on to graduate from the College of Saint Benedict with a bachelors in Language Arts and a minor in Secondary Education. In 2013, I obtained my Masters of Education from Saint Mary's University. I taught in Mora, MN for eight years before moving to Carlos, MN after getting engaged. I have coached basketball for nine years, junior high through JV. I have directed seven plays and one musical. In my spare time, outside of reading thrillers (shout out to The Survivors by Robert Palmer--my new favorite--I have five copies for those interested), I love to spend time with my husband and family, and I love to travel. I studied abroad in South Africa during my undergrad, I visited my sister in Italy with my mom during my sister's study abroad, and I have been to Mexico a couple of times. My top three travel bucket list items are Ireland, Greece, and Germany.

Quick facts!!

  • I love reading (shocker), chocolate, and puppies
  • If you ask my students, "What's Didier's problem?" They will ALL answer "She can't stop buying books."
  • I am an avid thrift store and garage sale frequenter, dedicated to increasing my classroom library. 
  • After using it as a math challenge, a few students determined I have about 1,800 books in my room (I added about 300 recently from summer shopping).
  • I never say no to books! I have had many parents, colleagues, and community members who have donated to my library. My students and I thank you very much!!
  • ANYONE CAN BORROW BOOKS FROM MY CLASSROOM!! Students of any age, siblings, parents, staff members, community members, ANYONE!! Books are made to be read; sitting on a shelf only makes them pretty. I have books of every age level grades 5ish-adult. 
  • The easiest way to reach me is by email; I respond very quickly most times but guarantee a response in 24 hours at maximum.