Top 20 Daily Lessons

wednesday, may 20th: how to respond to conflict

Today, Mrs. Damm will go through ways to resolve conflict. 

How to Respond to Conflict Video

tuesday, may 19th: help others succeed

We talked about how our #1 job is to help others succeed way back in September. However, I wanted to share this great video from Paul Bernabei at Top 20. 

Having Each Other's Back Video

monday, may 18th: last week of resolving conflict

Summary of the week and an explanation on how to build your trust fund. 

Monday, May 18th Video

friday, may 15th: Monkey and elephant's worst fight ever! 

Mrs. Damm will be reading the book, Monkey and Elephant's Worst Fight Ever! by Michael Townsend. 

Monkey & Elephant's Worst Fight Ever Video

thursday, may 14th: "i" statements

Mrs. Damm will explain how to use an "I" statement when we are in conflict. 

Conflict and "I" statement Video

"I" Statement Worksheet

wednesday, may 13th: instant replay

The folks from Top 20 share a chapter from their book, Top 20 Teens. Learn more about instant replays and how they can be helpful when experiencing conflict. 

Instant Replay Chapter

tuesday, may 12th: i love my new toy!

Today, Mrs. Damm will be reading the book, I Love My New Toy by Mo Willems. As you listen to the story, notice how the characters are feeling and what statements they are using. 

I Love My New Toy Video

monday, may 11th: week 2 of conflict resolution

This week, we will be continuing our discussions on conflict resolution. 

Monday, May 11th Video

friday, may 8th: toe-to-toe & heart-to-heart

Mrs. Damm will explain the differences between toe-to-toe and heart-to-heart conflict resolution. She will also be reading the story of The Zax. 

Toe-to-Toe & Heart-to-Heart Video

thursday, may 7th: conflict

Conflict is a part of everyday life, but how can we handle it effectively? Mrs. Damm will go through the common places we may see conflict and one strategy that can help. 

Conflict Video

wednesday, may 6th: feelings detectives

Today we will be feelings detectives and try to figure out how the person is feeling based on facial expressions and body language. 

Feelings Detectives Video

Charades Worksheet

tuesday, may 5th: resolving conflict

Happy week 6 of distance learning! 

Tuesday, May 5th Video

thursday, april 30th: how to respond to negative tornadoes

Mrs. Damm walks through some strategies on how to prevent and stay away from negative tornadoes. 

Responding to Tornadoes Video


Complete the following worksheet to practice how to use "let the problem be the problem" and how to respond to social tornadoes. 

Eliminating Negativity Worksheet

tuesday, april 28th: negative tornadoes

Today's video goes in-depth on negative tornadoes and how we should respond when we see a social tornado. 

Negative Tornado Video

monday, April 27th: Introduction to negative tornadoes

In this video, Mrs. Damm will be highlighting the lessons for the week as well as giving a brief description of negative tornadoes. 

Monday, April 27th Video

friday, april 24th: how to stop a thought circle

We will be continuing our conversation on thought circles. Mrs. Damm goes through the 3 steps on how to stop a thought circle. 

How to Stop a Thought Circle Video

thursday, april 23rd: parts

Today, Mrs Damm will be reading the book Parts by Tedd Arnold. The boy in the story has lots of worries. How are his worries affecting his feelings? Is he in a thought circle? And if he is, how can he get out of it? 

Parts Video

wednesday, april 22nd: indicators and trampolines

We have another video from Kevin at Top 20. This time, Kevin's kids talk about their indicators and trampolines. 

Indicators and Trampolines Video

tuesday, april 21st: worry monster

Today's activity is from the Kindergarten curriculum. We will be putting our creativity hats on and making our very own worry monsters! 

Worry Monster Activity

monday, april 20th: week 2 of eliminating negativity

Mrs. Damm's video for today is an introduction to the week's lessons and a more in-depth discussion about thought circles. She will also sneak peak tomorrow's activity. 

Monday, April 20th Video

friday, APRIL 17th: worries & thought circles

Friday's lesson will go through what is the difference between positivity and negativity as well as what is worry and what does it feel like. Mrs. Damm will also explain thought circles and what we can do about them. 

Worries & Thought Circles Video

thursday, april 16th: all tied up with worry

Our activity for today comes from the 4th grade lessons. We will be writing out our worries to see how much our worries can affect us. 

All Tied Up with Worry Activity

wednesday, april 15th: responding to invitations

Today's video is from Kevin Brennan, our Top 20 Training representative. He shares how invitations can invite us to go below the line. 

Responding to Invitations Video

Tuesday, april 14th: introduction to thought circles

Welcome to Week 3 of Top 20 Online. Today, Mrs. Damm will highlight the activities for the week as well as give an introduction to thought circles. 

Intro to Thought Circles Video

thursday, april 9th: would you rather

Have other people's opinions prevented you from trying something new? For today's activity, we will be playing Would You Rather. Mrs. Damm encourages you to play with someone in your household and to try something new this week. Have a great Spring Break!

Would You Rather Video

Wednesday, April 8th: Name it, claim it, tame it

Today's video comes from Top 20 Training and Kate Thomas, a Counselor in Wayzata, MN. She talks about thought circles and how we can tackle our worries regarding COVID-19. 

Name It, Claim It, Tame It Video

tuesday, april 7th: all about me glyph

Today, students can create an All About Me Glyph to emphasize their special qualities. You can use the ideas in the worksheet or create your own special traits. Stay true to yourself, and don't let Other People's Opinions affect your choices. 

All About Me Glyph DirectionsAll About Me Glyph Worksheet

monday, april 6th: week 2 of OPO's (and distance learning)

Mrs. Damm's video today will highlight the week's lessons as well as explain a couple more topics relating to OPO's (other people's opinions). 

Week 2 of OPOs

Friday, April 3rd: not good enough feelings

Today's video will be addressing how opinions can cause us to have NGE's or Not Good Enough feelings. We will also hear a story about a boy named Jacob and what he did with an opinion that was not in his best interest. 

Not Good Enough Feelings Video

thursday, april 2nd: giraffes can't dance

Today, Mrs. Damm will be reading Giraffes Can't Dance. Follow along and see if you can find those opinions. 

Giraffes Can't Dance Video

wednesday, april 1st: gratitude from top 20 training

Today's video is shared directly from Top 20 Training. Ashley Weber, a French teacher of 13 years, shares her Thankful Thursdays. 

Gratitude - Thankful Thursdays

Tuesday, March 31st: how to respond to opo's

In today's video, Mrs. Damm is going through some situations where we may come across OPO's. Follow along and think about what you would do. 

How to Respond to OPOs

Monday, march 30th: An introduction to Top 20 

Watch the video below to learn how Top 20 will be presented in an online format.

Introduction Video


Top 20 Training is a curriculum guided in concepts and strategies that encourage our youth to Think, Learn, and Communicate (TLC) effectively. TLC skills help students discover the power they have within themselves to develop their potential and make choices that enhance the quality of their lives, relationships, and experiences. Students K-6 will receive biweekly classroom lessons in the following areas: Creating a Culture of Learning, The Line, Mistakes, The Frame, EQ and Star Qualities, Other People’s Opinions, Eliminating Negativity, Conflict Resolution, and Know How We’re Smart. If you have any questions or would like more information on Top 20 Training, please contact Jenna Damm (School Counselor) at 218-583-2927 x8110 or jdamm@henning.k12.mn.us